3in1 Meal Bundle
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3in1 Meal Bundle

22 modules course

7 healthy drink ideas, 7 delicious breakfast recipes and 7 mouth watering snacks. All 21 meals in one bundle

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3in1 Meal Bundle

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This course has 22 modules
  • Welcome/Introduction Video
  • Module 1: Tropical Blast
  • Module 2: Tiger nuts Drink
  • Module 3: Chapman
  • Module 4: Vanilla Ice cream
  • Module 5: Zobopina
  • Module 6: Cocktail Zobo Drink
  • Module 7: Zobo Drink to Help Manage BP
  • Module 8: Vanilla Cake
  • Module 9: Chinchin
  • Module 10: Meatpie
  • Module 11: Banana Bread
  • Module 12: Coconut Chips
  • Module 13: Pizzdodo
  • Module 14: Egg Roll
  • Module 15: Moinmoin
  • Module 16: Akara Balls
  • Module 17: Yamarita
  • Module 18: Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Module 19: Irish Potatoes Pot
  • Module 20: Chicken Vegetable Egg Wrap
  • Module 21: Egg Muffins

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About the Trainer

Opeyemi Daniel-Aderinto is a recipe developer and food business consultant. She creates unique, irresistible local recipes for restaurants and private individuals. Through her consultation services, she helps intending food business owners to start their business, holds the hands of budding food businesses, helping them to grow and avoid dangerous pitfalls in the industry.

She is also the CEO of harelfoods, a catering business located in Lagos. Through harelfoods, she expresses her gift for cooking so well, by delighting the tastes buds of her clients with exotic dishes.

She believes in the mantra "what you eat is either adding to your age or subtracting from it."

She is popularly called #goodfoodboss

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